List of HSS fellows for 2006-2007

Last NameFirst NameUS UniversityField of Study
Anklin Michael Indiana University History
Cherry Elizabeth University of Georgia Sociology
Cruz Azucena SUNY, Stony Brook Philosophy
Gillett Rachel Northeastern University History
Kawar Leila New York University Political Science
Kolla Edward Johns Hopkins University History
Levin Alicia University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Musicology
McDougall Sara Yale University History
Miller Jeannette Pennsylvania State University History
Monette Isabelle Johns Hopkins University Literature
Peden Knox UC-Berkeley History
Prime Rebecca UCLA Visual Arts and Culture
Reagan Laura Northwestern University Political Science
Suchanek Isabel University of Pennsylvania Art History
Wagner Juliet Harvard University History
Weber Wallace Laura Yale University Musicology
Wimpee Rachel New York University Literature
Young Curt UCLA History

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