• Pauliina Patana
    2017 HSS Chateaubriand Fellow Cornell University - Sciences Po Paris Political Science As a Chateaubriand Fellow, I had the opportunity to spend a semester as a Visiting PhD Candidate at the Sciences Po Centre d’études européennes in Paris. This experience proved invaluable for my dissertation (...)
  • Ayca Arkilic

    2012 HSS Chateaubriand Fellow
    University of Texas at Austin - Sciences Po Paris
    Political Science

    I feel very lucky to be one of the 2012-2013 Chateaubriand Fellowship recipients. I had the opportunity to conduct research at Sciences Po’s CERI Research Institute for four months, where I established contacts with fellow researchers and attended enriching talks. My sojourn in Paris was an (...)
  • Teon Brooks

    2014 STEM Chateaubriand Fellow
    New York University - Telecom ParisTech

    With the Chateaubriand fellowship, I joined a team of researchers who were not only pushing the field of cognitive neuroscience with cutting edge analysis techniques, but were also deeply committed to creating a community for fellow researchers to discuss, share, and improve open-source data (...)
  • Siv Lie

    2013 HSS Chateaubriand Fellow
    New York University - Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense

    My experience as a Chateaubriand Fellow is a major highlight of my time as a doctoral student. The fellowship permits me to engage in the thorough ethnographic fieldwork necessary to my dissertation, while providing me with a helpful network of scholars and administrators, as well as practical (...)
  • David Moak

    2013 HSS Chateaubriand Fellow
    Princeton University - Université de Nice

    The purpose of applying for the Chateaubriand Fellowship was to fund my dissertation research in France. As is often the case with graduate students in history, it was necessary to spend a year abroad in order to work in the archives, and the resources offered by the fellowship were too good (...)

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